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Winter in Florida

Heating Coils
Dust can accumulate on the heating coils of an HVAC unit if the heater is not turned on regularly.

Even the "sunshine state" of Florida can become chilly during the winter.

Stay warm this winter with clean air ducts, proper ventilation and quality heating from General Air & Plumbing! While snowfall may be a rare occurrence in Southwest Florida we still experience a significant drop in temperature once Winter rolls in. Although the average temperature through out the year in Florida is around 82 degrees, during the winter our average temperate drops to as low as 41 degrees!

Once that temperature drops we all go straight to the thermostat to switch on the heat. Usually in Florida, the only unit we normally turn on is the A/C, leaving the heat off nearly all year round. While the heater is off for over half the year, dust can accumulate on the heating coils of an HVAC unit.

When the heater in finally turned on for the winter, it is common to smell a strange odor coming from your air ducts and HVAC unit, since the heating coils are burning all the dust that collected through the year. The dust should burn off your coils relatively quickly however. If the odor persists for longer than two hours please call us at 239-591-2909 to schedule maintenance.

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