covid-19 response

    By now, we are all aware of the changing world before us. COVID-19 has effected us all in ways we never expected. We at General Air & Plumbing are in the service industry and come in contact with citizens everyday, citizens scared half to death not knowing what tomorrow brings. Being in the air conditioning service industry, we are a service that everyone needs at some time in the near future in Southwest Florida. It is important that you, our customers, feel comfortable with our staff coming into your home to provide the services that we do. 

    Our technicians and staff have been briefed on proper conduct during the COVID-19 outbreak and will conduct themselves accordingly.  All trucks have been cleaned and sterilized, including daily sanitation and disinfection of all tools and equipment. Each technician's truck and tools are inspected daily to properly enforce our guidelines. Office staff has been limited to essential personnel only, technicians have been placed on call and the rest of our staff is teleworking from home around the clock to ensure the safety and comfort of our Southwest Florida residents.

    During these trying times we will always be there for you; we will remain open during normal business hours and as always, our after hours emergency services are there for you when you need us most. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, we encourage everyone to stay calm, stay safe and we'll make it out of this together. 


Are you still open during the quarantine?

Yes, we are still open during our normal buisness hours and we are still offering after hours emergency services. Since we are an HVAC & Plumbing company, providing an essential service for general health, it is our duty to remain open to serve anyone who may require our services in these trying times. For everyone's safety, our main offices have been restricted to essential personnel, technicians remain on call and the rest of our employees are teleworking from home. No matter the emergency, General Air & Plumbing will always work around the clock to ensure the comfort and safety of Southwest Florida.

What precautions have been taken in response to COVID-19?

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak our company has taken every precaution we can to prepare for this emergency.

  1. All trucks have been cleaned and sanitized. Daily sanitization of all tools and equipment.
  2. All technicians have been briefed on proper conduct during the COVID-19 outbreak and will conduct themselves accordingly.
  3. Office staff has been restricted to essential personnel only.
  4. Non-essential staff are teleworking from home and all technicians remain on call.
  5. We will remain open to anyone who may need our services during both normal business hours and after hours as well.

What services does After Hours Emergency Services offer?

After Hours Emergency Services are limited to emegencies only. If you do not have an emergency please call during normal business hours. HVAC & Plumbing emergencies include:

  1. Broken HVAC Unit
  2. Clogged Pipes/Jetting Required
  3. Faulty Thermostat
  4. Severe Leaks

How can I better prepare for my appointment with my technician?

During the outbreak it's important to remember we're all in this together. Our technicians are taking every precaution neccesary to make sure you feel safe and comfortable with us entering your home. To ensure everyone's safety we ask that you limit your contact with our technicians. Please do not share food or drink with our technicians and as always remember to wash your hands for ten seconds before interacting with any shareable items.